Bringing the Future of Energy to the People of Today

2C Energy is committed to delivering on a value proposition as basic as it is bold: we aim to deliver tomorrow’s energy, today. Why? Because three decades of work on the front-lines of the energy capital of the United States taught us that American businesses can’t wait until tomorrow. The world economy is moving towards a low-carbon future now — and the energy businesses which will reap the benefits are the ones rethinking old models today.

The question is whether the energy business in the United States will lead – or follow. 2C Energy is committed to doing our part to ensure American innovation is setting the pace.

In the history of energy, the one constant has always been change. The world has burned wood, burned whale oil, we burned coal, and still today in towns across America big fuel tanks sit outside hundreds of thousands of homes to remind us of a time when millions depended on home heating oil to keep their families warm in the winter, but now neighborhood by neighborhood they’re switching over to natural gas.

Decades ago, a Saudi Oil Minister famously said that “the stone age didn’t end because we ran out of stones, and the oil age won’t end because we ran out of oil.”

The world today isn’t running out of oil.

The world is moving towards a different energy future because we’re finding options that are better. Right now, we’re in the middle of an explosion of investment that – over time – will decide what the very best of those better options look like, but what we know for certain is that the world – and the marketplace — has already decided that future is going to be low-carbon because that’s the future billions of people are demanding.

2C Energy isn’t a business that just happens to believe in a low-carbon future. 2C Energy is building the low-carbon future because we’re in business.

Everything we’ve learned in business has proven to us that the right thing to do for the planet, is also the smart thing to do for American companies. Everything we’ve learned in Houston taught us that what the world agreed to in Paris to address climate change is an enormous opportunity for our industry — if we get smarter, faster.

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