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Change is a constant in the energy business – and the changes happening in the marketplace today demand that we change the way we think about our business models. It begins by asking some bedrock questions.

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A letter from our Founder

Thanks for stopping by – and welcome to 2C Energy.

There’s a lot of noise out there these days, a lot of people screaming and yelling instead of solving problems by sitting down and reasoning together. Whether it’s powerful special interests or cable television which pits one side against the other – climate change vs. energy dominance! climate denial vs. the ‘keep it in the ground’ movement! – it’s easy to just decide to turn off the television, unplug your phone, and tune out.

But we don’t have that luxury…

I’ve been in the energy business all of my life. I’m proud of it. Ever since law school, I built a career helping energy companies – big and small – succeed in providing affordable, reliable energy for people.

As I learned more about climate change, I took a personal passion and turned it into a business opportunity: helping Southwestern Energy develop natural resources in environmentally and socially responsible ways, some of them groundbreaking.

But the more I learned, and the more I’ve been part of the debate at home, the more I’ve realized two powerful truths: one, no single company, and no single form of energy can meet the challenge of making the United States the leader of the low-carbon economy the world is demanding, and, two, we’re never going to get there if all we’re doing is yelling at each other from our own chosen ideological corners.

So that’s why I founded this effort: to shift the debate – and to seize the opportunities staring us in the face, before they pass us by.

As a businessman and a concerned citizen, I’ve always believed you meet challenges by sifting through facts, making reasoned calculations, and getting everyone on board. I’ve tried to bring that same way of thinking to 2C Energy.

So let me tell you what I believe, and if you agree, I hope you’ll get involved.

I believe there’s a “rational middle” approach to most problems, including climate change and energy. I believe too much time and money and rhetoric has been wasted trying to divide us and trying to harden ideological and political divisions instead of breaking them down. I believe that even those who reject the science of climate change can find a seat at the table because no one can afford to reject good jobs, economic growth, and sound business models. I believe that dyed-in-the wool, card-carrying environmentalists also want to see affordable, reliable energy sources for today as we move into a low-carbon future. I believe there are market-based solutions that can help unlock the energies of the future and the jobs and industries that come with them, and I believe that if we marry policy with possibilities, then the United States can lead the world in that direction.

And here’s the best part: I’m absolutely convinced that if we roll up our sleeves and do what Americans do best, we can make this energy transformation the best thing to happen to working class America in 60 years.

That’s the purpose of 2C Energy – and that’s my personal passion.

I live in red-state America. It’s where I have spent my life and raised my family, and I’m proud to work in the energy capital of the United States. I’m in this fight because I believe that the right thing to do is also the smart thing to do. Won’t you consider joining us? Sign up here to learn more.

Mark Boling

Possibilites Thriving low-carbon economy

  • Inclusive Economic Growth

    Inclusive Economic Growth

  • Energy Security

  • Energy Access for All

    Energy Access for All

2C Energy’s efforts in Malawi

In Malawi, Africa, we have been supporting a ground-breaking effort to demonstrate that even in a place where energy is needed urgently and affordably, low-carbon energy solutions are possible — today.

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Mark K. Boling is the Founder and CEO of 2C Energy, dedicated to providing low-carbon energy solutions to the challenge of climate change that will sustain economic growth, enhance energy security around the world and bring modern energy to billions of people worldwide.

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  • Transition Roadmap
  • Paris Roadmap

2C Energy is working to change the way businesses think about energy, because we see the market for energy changing – already.

The U.S. energy market is in the middle of a fundamental transformation – and that’s proven to be true regardless of Washington’s policies.

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Change is a constant in the energy business – and the changes happening in the marketplace today demand that we change the way we think about our business models. It begins by asking some bedrock questions.

Every successful business must begin with a single question:
what do you offer in the marketplace?

Learn about the Transition Roadmap

Businesses thrive on certainty, even as they make judgments in a constantly changing world predicated on imperfect information. Decisions are made today about where to invest and how much to invest based on the best information available to predict where the market is headed.

The Paris Agreement is an information-rich document that tells us where the global energy market is heading.

Learn more about the Paris Roadmap

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